Emails on Fatal error

On some critical errors, Integration server is trying to send an auto-email about the Fatal error and I see the below log entries on IS Server Log and emails are not received. I configured the email settings under IsAdmin–>Settings–>Resources, but I still get this error.

Where should I do the configuration including SMTP Details etc. to get the emails with the error details?

22527]2015-03-04 20:44:26 EST [ISS.0056.0003E] Unable to send mail. Invalid Addresses
[22526]2015-03-04 20:44:25 EST [ISS.0056.0003E] Unable to send mail. Invalid Addresses

Hi Sam,

which version of IS are you working with?

Can you share the settings please?


Can you try the extended setting:

Thanks for the replies

I am on Webmethods 9.6.

Attached the screenshot where I entered the email details.

I am using as SMTP Server but I was able to enter the SMTP server here, but where can I enter the user credentials ?

Is there anything else I need to do to receive email with critical errors ?

most SMTP server doesn’t require authentication, so the UI doesn’t have such field. you can set up your own SMTP server instead, there are free products out there.

Thanks, I will try to install the free SMTP Server and see if this will get resolved.