email port possible transport layer security issue

We are on IS 8.2.2 and are experiencing issues with our email POP3 port where it stops picking up emails from exchange. When we go in and modify the Transport Layer Security to Implicit and save the changes, then go back in and change it back to None and save the changes…then enable the port, it starts pulling the emails again.

Has anyone seen this?

thanks, Diane

We experienced the same issue on 8.0.1.
By just disabling the email port, then enable it, it will starting picking email again. We just created a job to reset the port periodically.
You may want to open a ticket with SAG to ask them fix it.

As you are in IS 8.2.2, there is a known fix for this. Verify if you have correct fix level and if problem exists.

If you are already in latest fix or have Fix12 already installed, and still have this problem, in extended settings, set the mail.debug=true to watt.config.systemProperties, restart your server and collect more details to debug further.