email port not changing status of email to read status

Hi Experts,

I am using Wm 7.1 version and have configured an email port to process emails with attachments from Imap server.

The port is working fine and processing all the mails with attachments.
The issue is that the status of emails is not getting changed to “READ” from “UNREAD” for some of those mails.

I have set email polling interval as 60 seconds and the multithreading is turned off.

Could you please help me out with this issue?


Where are you seeing that status on the client? are you sure the all READ/UNREAD mails are feeding to the email port/service?

I am checking status in exchange server.
Over there , few emails status is getting changed to read and few are still in unread status however all of them have been processed successfully by email port.


This seems isn’t a configuration issues rather than may be bug or status not getting updated on the exchange it self properly.

Is it a POP3 or IMAP setup?

Can you check with SAG support also and make sure any extended setting thru can be done or missed configuration?