Email notification on MWS

Hello All,

I am creating forums by using MWS but the email notification functionality is not working properly.
Any one please give me suggestions, I forward to next steps.

Thanks & Regards,
Prem Sai.

Hello All,

Any one please help me in the email notification.


Hi Prem Sai,

can you provide more details like version of MWS and the steps you have already tried?

Are there any helpful messages in the logs.

Where are the users stored?
In MWS-System directory service or externally in a LDAP or AD?


Hello Holger,

I am using MWS version 8.2 and users are stored on the mws system directory.

I have created one user in mws and gave the email also. After created the forums I subscribe this user but I am not getting any notification mail for created and deleted the topics etc in forums. Please help me if you any idea on regarding this issue.

Prem Sai

One additional thought i had was to check your SMTP configuration as well as turning on the mail logs. It is possible that MWS is having problems connecting to your SMTP server and the mail (Debug) logs will clarify that quickly.
Regards, --mark