Email listener setup for hotmail/gmail etc

Hi Experts,

I am trying to setup email listener for hotmail account but i am getting login incorrect error.
I am using below configuration to setup email port

Port: 995
password: ***

Failed to start [ISS.0070.9003] Enable failed: Could not log into account

Please help if anyone of you has ever tried this or similar to this like gmail setup.


Some webmail services charge extra for the privilege of logging into a POP3 server. While hotmail allows it for free, Yahoo requires a plus account to do the same. I wonder if Gmail has a similar model as Yahoo.

From a old thread I fould the below info…

"[i]Google Gmail uses POP over SSL.

And POP over SSL (and e.g. thus Gmail) is thus not supported at this time."[/i]

Check with SAG support…


Hello Team,

I did setup E-Mail server in my IS admin page and received a test mail even.
Now, I’m trying to use pub.client:smtp in my code after giving all the inputs (ro, subject, mailhost)

But I get an error which says : [ISC.0068.9110] Invalid MAILHOST field: null

Can you please assist me on this ???


Provide a valid value for the mailhost parameter of the pub.client:smtp service.

Can you share what is your mailhost parameter?

I hope you do not have any network/firewall block?

Hi Saradhi,

Please put “localhost” in mailhost field and then try.


As per my knowledge, Two things we have to remember when we set up the SMTP.

  1. we should configure our server details in to SMTP server.
  2. whether sendmail and smtp configuration has been set in our server or not?

we have to check these things.

Hi Team

Am setting mailhost as

but am geting exception as

can you tell me what we can set for : mailhost


am working on FTP could you tell me what we can hardcode for remotefile in FTP