Email Listener service with Inputs

Hello everyone,

Is there any way to pass input parameters for the email listener service?
I tried in the subject and body, but no luck. As per the Administrators Guide, it is possible.

Could you please advise asap.


Renuka – What’s your business, what did you try so far, what error did you get ?


I tried invoking a service with input parameters in the subject of the email.


The service is invoked, but the CustomerName input parameter is not coming in the pipeline.

Hope this is clear.


Might be code issue, if possible can you attach your service, so that I can do corrections if required. Or you can check service.


Also can you debug with getTransportInfo service and also what is the service input you have set for the I/p param you expecting?


the mail triggering the service may only exists as a MIME object.
in pipeline it’s in form of a contentStream object. you can use pub.mime:createMimeData to retrieve it.
you can see the subject at: mimeData/headers/Subject