Elimininate PARVW=BA in SAP Xml Idoc


i’m struggeling how to eliminate the complete E1EDKA1
segment where PARVW=AG ?

I attached the whole XML file.

Which IS services i can use for this ?


ORDERS_01023527.xml (8.79 KB)

Hi Sebastian,
Not sure if I understood your question correctly, but if you are looking for logic how to achieve this, below said is one approach…

E1EDKA1 would appear as document list (array).

Loop over E1EDKA1

Branch (evaluate label is true)

(if PARVW=AG) invoke Exit step (exit from parent, signal success)

Exit step with the property ‘exit from parent’ set, will ignore the current record & following code and continues with next record starting from loop again…



there a several instances of the E1EDKA1 segment.
One for each partner type. I need to eliminate one of them.
But how the get that specific segment and how to remove
it from idoc during runtime?