Elements Loaded In Target Environment Not Equal to Source Environment

Hello All

I am published a large package (2.4 MB) from one webMethods 6.0.1 IS running on Sun Solaris to another webMethods 6.0.1 IS running on Sun Solaris.

The package says that it loads completely and successfully, but the number of elements on the source package is 308 and the number of elements in the target environment is 302. Hence I am assuming I am missing 6 elements/flows/docs??? I am only the wM admin, hence it is hard for me to sort through the package and figure out which of the 308 elements are missing. \

Has anyone seen this before?
Is there a max size requirement of the wM packages?


Are there elements locked in the package in the second server before you published? Not that it would make a difference for the number of elements loaded, but might help.