EDIINT Test Center

For webMethods EDIINT AS2 customers:
webMethods has recently made a test center available as a
stand-alone server to provide an automated environment that can be used to
test EDIINT AS2 connections. Requests for testing time on this server are
being coordinated by sending an email to demo@webMethods.com to reserve a
time. Once time has been scheduled, the login information will be provided.

Could we get some more information on this. I’ve searched Advantage but found no more than this announcement. What would be the potential uses for this Test Center and the benefits to using it. Is there a cost involved. Any further information would be appreciated.



The Test Center will allow webMethods EDIINT customers to test their EDIINT connectivity with a separate EDIINT server hosted by webMethods.

Prior to reserving a time, how can we get the information required to set the Test Center up as a Trading Partner? We are in the early stages of webMethods installation, and to set up the Firewall Rules on our side, we need the Test Center information (URL/IP, AS2 Name, Certificates (if applicable), etc. We’re not ready to reserve a time to use the Test Center, because we honestly do not know how long it is going to take our WAN and Security groups to enable this Firewall Rule, and they’re telling us to gather the information before they start enable it.