I am pushing data to TN from the mainframe environment invoking the tn:receive. I get the x12 doc in TN. The processing rule triggers my service that should pass the input to the EDIINT:send service. I am using getContentPart >converting it to stream and then invoking the send service. It runs without error but I do not see the EDIINT msgs in TN after it has run. Can anyone offer any advice in trouble-shooting this?


Before sending to EDIINT:send,i hope you are doing this way…

1.converting the string using “stringToBytes” specifying “UTF-8” as encoding
2. convert the bytes to stream using “pub.io:bytesToStream”
3. supplying this stream to ediiint:send flowservice .

If not, pls try with the above scenario…


Thanks for the response. I did try this method. The data is in the pipeline because I traced the pipeline to my log and could see the content. I am having trouble retrieving it from the pipeline into my service. A bigger problem I have is that the data coming has a break in the ISA segment, I removed it to pass it through TN and it works fine, however I have to receive the data with the break and it is not recognized by TN that way. I need to know how to handle this data with the break and how to extract it from the pipeline.

Can you pls post this thread also to wmusers forum,may be you will get a quick resolution.

I will also try to come up, if i found any resolution…