EDIINT Send : Error handling

Hi all
We are using EDIINT AS2 for data exchnage with our partners and use UNEDIFACT 96A doc standard. We came across the following issues

  1. The “wm.EDIINT:send” service does not have any output parameters. So
    we are unable to determine if a ediint send was sucessfull or not. We
    tried the service with different error conditions and even though an
    exception is thrown at the server console , the “send” flow service
    returns sucessfully, even the “getLastError” service returns nothing.
    We also tried querying TN using the query services for the status of
    EDIINT send message but that is not possible as the “send” service does
    not return the document ID . Actually our business rule requires us to
    update a DB field once data is send sucessfully. Please advice as to
    how to capture errors in send service. The only option with us right now is to modify the send service which is an inbuilt service.

  2. In case we are using reliable delivery of data, how to
    programetically figure out whether it was sucessfull or not ? Is there an event we can capture using which we can trigger our own service incase reliable delivery failed ?

  3. Another option is to use MDN buthis also requires modification of wm built in service . Is it a good practise ?

Thankx in advance