EDIINT Module Support

We are currently using EDIINT Module version 6.5.2 with our current environment which is wM 7.1.3. Going forward we will be upgrading our environment to 8.2.

Product matrix shows EDI Module version 8.0 SP1 available with 8.2.

My question is

Does webMethods support EDI module 6.5.2 with wM 8.2 or do we need to upgrade EDI Module as well along with 8.2 upgrade.


I got my answer

"[FONT=PalatinoLinotype-Roman][SIZE=3][FONT=PalatinoLinotype-Roman][SIZE=3]webMethods EDI Module 8.0 requires webMethods Trading Networks to be

installed. You must upgrade all your webMethods products at the same time; you

cannot use 6.5.2 products with 8.0 product"[/size][/font][/SIZE][/FONT]
statement from EDI Module Install and User Guide.


make sense.