EDIINT AS2 scanned image as payload

I have a trading partner who will be sending a scanned image as the payload. Does anyone have any experience dealing with this type of payload in TN? We are running wM 8.0

No…but I don’t think any of the content-type supports it unless they send pdf’s or supported standards data.

scanned Image contains what data?

If you want to have the EDIINT Module submit payloads (streams) that have a different content type, you must provide your own service to process the payload and submit it to Trading Networks…please check the module userguide for more information handling custom payload processings:


OK, I have the payload stream in my service. The payload is a scanned TIFF image of a check. Anyone know how to get at the image file? I’m thinking that I need to create a mime object of the stream that gets passed to my service and then try to get at the body part?? Any guidance is much appreciated.