Anybody has worked on EDIINT AS1 transactions?

Outbound is working. Need some help for inbound AS1:
Configuration is done correctly and tested thru send service, how to format the email with EDI doc as an attachment?.
Thanks in advance.

The Service Input params that you have to use for receiving email as an attachment are:

edidata (String)
ediByteArray (Object)

Finally debug your service and check the pipeline,so that you can get the clue for how you want to process the attachment into system.


Hi Ram,
Thanks for your response. When i send an AS1 transaction from an email client (lousnotes), i can see a record coming in the TNConsole> Transaction Analysis> Received. But the actual content of the attachment is not populated.

When i check the pipeline, the attachment is never processed (never mapped to stream (object) which is an input to receive service of EDIINT.

I have declared a mimeType also.
Also, I am writing couple of things in the email body - protocol=smtp&from=x&to=y
Can you please specify more details about it?

I am finding difficulties in using Verisign Class 1 std certificate for AS1 configuration.

Pls let me know if anybody has worked on similar problem.
Thanks in advance.


I’m trying to send EDIINT outbound messages (EDI/XML) using wm.EDIINT:send service. Emails are sent successfuly but the attachments are not holding any data. Can you please hep me with this?