EDIFACT ORDRSP not recognizing in TN


I have created EDIFACT ORDRSP 96A edi doctype and mapped my canonical to ORDRSP message. when I submitted the ORDRSP EDI message to TN, only EAMCOM Envelope message is getting recognizing , actual EDIFACT ORDRSP is not recognized and showing it as unknown doctype.

I am using 10.7 version, Did i miss any configuration?

Can anyone please help.


Hi Sam.
To create a TN EDI document type based on a transaction saved in the Trading Networks

1.In My webMethods: Monitoring > Integration > B2B > Transactions.

2.Click on the row containing the ‘Unknown’ document that you want to use for creating the document type.

3.Select Create Document Type.

4.In the Create Document Type dialog box, click EDI to select the document type category.

5.In the EDI Document Type dialog box, select the appropriate values for Standard, Version, and Transaction.

6.Click Create.

7.In the EDI Document Type Details page, specify the details.

8.Do one of the following:

*Click Save to save the changes you have made and continue defining the TN EDI document type.

*Click Save and Close to save the changes and close the TN EDI document type.

*Click Cancel if you do not want to save the TN EDI document type.


Thank you Theo for the reply. I have created EDIFACT ORDRSP Document instead of EANCOM ORDRSP doc. After creating EANCOM document , TN recognizes the doc. This issue was resolved now :slight_smile:

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