EDI Volume

How can I know the volume of EDI data flowing, inbound and outbound,flowing through trading network.


Use TN Console and its Transaction Analysis facility to get a count of documents.

Ok. Is there another way. We have decide the size of a new project dependin g on the volume of the data that is currently flowing.


What exactly are you looking for? Byte volume? Transaction set count? Interchange count? Partner count? How is the current data currently flowing? In what way does the transaction analysis in TN Console fall short of doing what you need?

We have EDI data flowing and I need to know how many documents flow in and out per hour. I first thought of counting using the Transaction Analysis but wanted to know if there is a better way.

I guess I will stick with the Transaction Analysis.

Thanks a lot for yur time.

You could use the TN query services, which is what TN Console does under the covers.

You could query the DB directly if you’re comfortable with the TN DB schema.

But if you’re looking for a quick ballpark estimate of documents per hour, Transaction Analysis is probably the quickest way to get that. Just use the criteria panel to set the parameters appropriately and you should be able to easily get what you need.

For quick-and-simply (and fairly detailed) analysis for transaction volume, the simplest way is probably just to query everything using TN Console’s Transaction Analysis – and then export the query results (to CSV) and analyze the data from Excel or whatever you feel comfortable with.

For very detailed analysis of data volume, processing time, normal and deviation, alert on abnormal, etc – webMethods has a whole package dealing with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). Probably a lot more that you need, but it might be of interest to decision makers…