EDI template migration Blues


I am trying to migrate my 4.6 templates to Flat file schemas. There are some templates with segments having the Array attribute as “Yes”. The migrate tool converts these templates to FF schemas succesfully but keeps the Max-Repeat property for the segment as 1 (when it should be “Unlimited”). I was reading the issues and fixes list and found out that this was a fix for 6.01 (WmEDI_6-0-1_Fix14) and it was mentioned that it has been included in 6.1. I am including the segment which gets migrated with Max-Repeat as “1” instead of “Unlimited”. Can any body please tell me the possible reasons for this behaviour.

Help appreciated.


EdiTemplateSegment.txt (0.2 k)

Got this from WM ciustomer suipport at some time

An easy way to create a schema in any of the packages you want to, please do the following:

in the WmEDI package , you have a service called createTemplateFromSEF

select the 4010.sef file from the WmEDI/pub/SEFs/X12/4010.sef directory (in the file path)

transaction Name is 997

includeEnvelope : false

isBigDocTemplate: false

targetSchema: folder.subfolder:T997 (for example

targetPackage : Any custoem packaee you want schema in (for example

targetDictionary: EDIFFSchema.X12.V4010:Dictionary ( or you can pick one of your own:for example Default.MySchema.X12.V4010:Dictionary ) You would have to first create this path by creating the folders/subfolders in the Default package for this or any other package you choose and create a blank emply Dictionary by doing a new Flat file dictionary in that name space.

overwrite Dictionary : false

SourceDIctionary : can be blank for now .

I am creating a schema using createTemplateFromSEF.

I want the ISA segment too in the schema. So I have made includeEnvelope : true.

But it errors out with the following message.

om.wm.ff.parse.SEFFormatException: [FFP.0000.0027] Unable to parse Transaction set 601: [FFP.0013.0008] Configuration error: [FFP.0013.0007] Missing sef file packages/WmEDI/config/ICS4X12.SEF for stanard X12

Verified that packages/WmEDI/config/sefparse.cnf has

Can anybody tell how to fix this?


Hi Guys,

I had your problem this morning AMR and I solved it restarting the Integration Server (WM 6.0.1 SP1).

I hope that this will help you

“When you have an issue you just don’t understand, let’s restart your IS !!”

I am running into the same issue as described by ARM. Starting the IS did not resolve the problem. Has this been already addressed and if so can anyone please guide me to the right resources to solve the problem. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

On my system, the problem was that the file packages/WmEDI/config/sefparse.cnf refers to two non-existing files. I found the first one, ICS4X12.SEF, under WmFlatFile/config. Copied it to WmEDI/config, renamed extension to .sef (lowercase - IMPORTANT!!) Then made another copy, called it ICS4X12new.sef. Restarted IS and it works!

Note: I used the service to create an EDIFACT schema, not X12. Don’t know if this workaround will break X12 schema creation.