EDI Posting FA X12 4040 997 to TN Problems


I have encountered some interstng / frustrating problems in posting documents (X.12 4010 997) to TN. Appreciate help here

I have a flow service to poll a directory to read the content of flat files, which contains EDI X.12 4010 data, and then the flow service will will call another flow service (EDI Main Process Flow Service) to process the EDI data (which call API in the back end system) and generate FA (which the EDI Main Process Flow service will call routeXML to deliver to TN) .

The issues that I have is

  1. I call the routeXML to deliver the generated FA to TN. However, I found that if I have more than 1 file in the directory to be processed, the FAs posted to TN will always be the 1st one generated. I have traced both flow services and pipeline and I found that the generated FAs are correct (i.e. based on the content of individual EDI file read) before calling the routeXML.

  2. If I use the flow service to poll the directory, read the EDI flat file, and then call my other flow service (EDI Main Process Flow Service) to process the EDI file, the generated FA will be posted to TN via routeXML and TN recognizes the document as X12 4010 997 no problem. However, if I use another flow service which read the data, then post to TN directly (via calling routeXML), and then configure a processing rule in TN to call the EDI Main Process Flow Service, the calling of back end system API is correct and a document (assumes to be the FA) still posted to TN, but TN does not recognize the document as X12 4010 997, instead the content part of the document is named as bytes and seems to contain all the pipeline information

Any ideas

Appreciate help here. Really Urgent

Can you pls elobarate Q1.IS the problem related to generating of FA 997 if you have multiple ST’s under GS in one edi file,but TN is showing only one FA and sending out?



For Q1, for each input EDI file, there is only 1 ST under GS under ISA.
Thus 1 interchange envelope -> 1 group envelope -> 1 Transaction set per input EDI file. When my flow services poll the directory / subfolders, for example, there are 4 edi files resided on the directory. As a result, my flow service will then loop 4 times and call the EDI Main Process FLow Services 4 times. Within the EDI Main Process Flow Services, it will generate the FA for each input edi file. When I trace the EDI Main Process Flow Service, I can see that the FA in the pipeline is correct. However, after calling the routeXML, 4 FAs are posted to TN, however, the content of the FA is always the 1st FA generated.



While installing the Doctype X12 4010 997, check whether the "Instance ID Queries " is set to ST/ST02, if so then only first FA will be delivered if the control number (ST02) is same for all the generated FA’s this is due to duplicate submission of the document.
If the document is set for identification especcially if it is EDI, the control Numbers are to be different, they are populated in ISA13/IEA02,GS06/GE02 and ST02/SE02.


Hi Chung
It seems that the problem is with routeXML service. You should delete the node variable from the pipeline after the routexml service.You can even call clear pipeline too.
Hope this will help.

Ajay Arora

Ajay and RMG

Yes, I found out there is problems with routeXML (for both problems that I have). Essentially, I have to call the clear pipeline flow services (leaving the only necessary) before calling routeXML more than 1 time