EDI Mapping

Has anyone had to change the method for EDI mapping from one software to wedMethods?


We have also converted from Inovis Trusted Link to WebMethods. The biggest
difficulty is getting over the shock of how much “work” must be done
manually when mapping. Nothing is “automatic” in the developer such as
looping and understanding structures. To make matters worse, there is no
training course to teach you how to manipulate data with the developer.

Brian Walsh - Mitsubishi

Thanks, Brian, for the feedback and validation of my concerns.

Hi Donna/Brian,

We need some technical and implementation information about the TLE for B2B exchanges, some documentation regarding the following points:
TLE Gateway
TLE Translator
TLE mapping tool, named WorkBench
Tool called OCC(Operations Center Client) used for configuration and deployment of new Trading Partners

Your discussion above shows that you both have worked extensively on TLE
Request you both to provide some informationn regarding the above topics.
Thanks in Advance