EDI Instance ID Query not giving value at TN


We have a business scenario where TN receives EDI 850 Sales Order and triggers the business process.

TN is able to recognize the doc.type. But when TN try to form a conversation ID for the Transaction segment we are getting the error saying “Query [ST/BEG/BEG03] produced no BizDoc Instance Id [EDIFTN.000010.000104]”.(I have added an Instance ID Query ST/BEG/BEG03 at WmEDI page. I hope the syntax of the Query is also correct)
Transaction data has BEG03 value (Purchase Order #). I parsed the input EDI 850 using convertToValues and verified BEG03 holds a value.

What will be the problem?

We are using WmEDI 6.1. Do we need to install any fixes for this issue?( I don`t find any fixes for this issues )

Please let me know if you have any ideas.


Is this a ‘large’ edi document? Does it exceed the large document threshold?

If so then from WmEDIforTN_6-1_Fix11_readme (or greater):
EDI instance ID queries do not work for documents that Trading
Networks considers large.

The EDI Module does not attempt to determine the instance ID
of an EDI transaction when the transaction exceeds the
Trading Networks large document threshold. The Trading
Networks large document threshold is configured using the
tn.BigDocThreshold system property. With this fix applied,
when an EDI transaction exceeds the large document threshold,
the EDI Module will now attempt to determine the instance ID
The EDI Module performs the instance ID query by reading the
number of bytes indicated in the tn.xml.xqlThreshold system
property. If the instance ID is found within the bytes read,
the instance ID will be set and used to create the conversation
ID for the Trading Networks BizDocEnvelope. using the If it
does not exist where indicated, the instance ID will not be set.

For more information about Trading Networks large document
handling, see the “webMethods Trading Networks Large Document
Handling” document.

It’s also included in EDI 6.1 SP1.