EDI DocType installation and loading of the EDIForTNpackage

Dear all,

We are working with EDI docs along with TN, Using IS 4.6.I’m facing following problems while trying to configure the EDI docs within TN.

  1. The EDIForTN package when looked through IS in browser under management, shows that the package is loaded “partial”.I tried reloading it and installing the new zip as well, but still shows the same status.is there something neede to fix this.

Please note that I’ve all the other packages(EDI and non-EDI)installed and running perfect.

2)I want to install the O1A ORDERS doc type in TN, the list doesnt show up 01A version, tried editing the installdoctype.dsp to have this seen but still the document is not getting installed…any clues?

3)Sometimes, it throws the remoteTargetInvocation exception, while installing the doc types, why is that?

Thanks in advance…



EDIforTN depends on some jar files which are distributed with TN, such as editn.jar cryiptix.jar etc. If you read thru the documentation, you will find that these files need to be placed under IS4.6\lib\jars folder.
after you do this, restart your integration server, and you will find that the package is loaded properly.