EDI doc batching

Has somebody done batching of EDI docs through TN. This can be either one pass(ISA & GS) or two pass (GS first then ISA).


Yes. We’ve done a process where we queued docs before translation and then translated and enveloped a single tset type (e.g. 850s) in one pass.

I’m trying to interface webMethods with my legacy system, IBM’s DI (DataInterchange) translator. Has anyone here linked to the CICS version of DI?

Dave Adler
Fisher Scientific

Can you briefly write down the steps needed to do this. Was it a 2 step (first GS and then ISA) or one step (GS and ISA together) process.

As mentioned earlier, we “…enveloped a single tset type (e.g. 850s) in one pass.”

The wM 6 EDI adapter docs describes its approach to batching quite nicely. Our approach was quite similar, though we queued the docs before translation whereas the EDI adapter has you queue the docs after translation. The high-level steps we used:

  1. Queue the XML doc in a public q. We have 1 q per doc type per partner.
  2. A scheduled delivery task gets created when you define each q. When kicked off, we process up to a max number of docs from the q.
  3. The process translates each XML doc to EDI and then adds the group and interchange envelopes.
  4. You don’t have to do it this way, but we put the EDI string inside an XML envelope and submitted that to TN. A custom delivery service extracts the EDI string and delivers it via HTTP or FTP, depending on the partner config.