EDI Datafields description

Hello ,
I joined the EDI world recently,i like to know edi fields in detail with descriprion(like ST means in X12 856 fromat and their inner fields represents what?)

Can someone provide any free tool or docs details defining this.

Waiting for response



For the info you have to use external tools like EDI Specbuilder (edifecs.com) or altova tools for EDI etc…just google search on X12 856 there are some EDI trading partners/online exchanges shares some sample EDI pdf descriptions/guideline documents available online…Also there could be some free trail versions…

Just a reference:


ASC X12 specs are somewhat limited in availability. Standards are managed by the non-profit group Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA). www.disa.org. “DISA serves as the Secretariat for ASC X12 and their X12 EDI and XML standards development process. … We are the only official source for X12 EDI and XML standards.”

http://www.stylusstudio.com/ is another good source of info. In particular, they have all of the EDIFACT standards described (since EDIFACT is managed by another standards body, you’ll find many sites that have detailed descriptions of messages, segments and elements).