EDI confusion


what is the difference between a FA and a MDN?can anybody elaborate…


MDN stands for Message Delivery Notification. When you sent a document to the partner and received the MDN back, it only ensured that the partner received your document, doesn’t ensure whether pratner processed your document or not?

FA stands for Functional Acknowledgement. When you sent a document to the partner and received the FA back, it ensured that the partner received your document and also processed it.

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Bhawesh, u made life easy for me with that simple and clear explanation.
and btw 997 is FA right? does MDN has a form no(XXX) associated with it tho…
thnks a lot.

Hi Greatwhite,
Yes, 997 is EDI FA.
I have worked with AS2 MDNs which follows the AS2 standards. So not sure what you mean by “does MDN has a form no(XXX)”?


If by “processed it” you mean that the recipient confirmed no syntax errors existed, then you’re right. An FA is the reply sent back to the message originator to indicate that the original message was received and was formatted correctly. It does not imply agreement with, nor understanding of, the contents. The MDN serves a similar purpose.

An FA (a 997 transaction set in X12, a CONTRL message in EDIFACT) is similar to an MDN but they are not interchangeable. AS2 (and the MDN) are not restricted to exchanging only EDI documents though that is the common usage.


hi, thamnks reamon for ur more detailed reply…