Early Warning - ADA743-001

Hi All,

This EW says : Problem-No : 264110 INDEX INCONSISTENCY, RSP-175/-199

We have been investigating this & have the following issues :

  1. The same EW has not been made available for ADA713,
    does this mean that the problem definitely only started happening under ADA74?
  2. I believe that more emphasis should be directed at the text in the advice where SAG recommends to check the indexes on the entire db due to possibility of corruption. I think this point has to be highlighted more :twisted:


I think that since Adabas v7.1.3 is still supported, there would be an early warning for v7.1.3 if this problem pertained.

Software AG is not required to provide “early warnings” for unsupported releases.



Hi Ilan,
as Brian said already, if this error would happen in ADA713 - and ADA713 is still supported - we would have created an Early Warning for ADA713 as well.

The other point is valid but we have limited possibilties to use special formatting in the Early Warning text and the sentence:

We recommend to check the INDEX of your database with the checkutility ADAICK (zap AU742132 applied).

should be enough.
The problem description in this case was very exact and long and then this sentence was maybe not seen at the first view. But we expect our customers to read Early Warnings very carefully. When we send out an Early Warning this is important.

Whenever we will have more formatting possibilities this will make life easier,