Dynamic UI creation

I have a manual task in the process that needs to capture data from the UI user.
The UI to be rendered is supposed to be dynamic in nature. Depending on the product line, the UI presentation varies. The UI information is stored in a DB, based on a product line this information needs to be retrieved and orchestrated into the UI presentation.
I am considering using various approaches to this solution

  1. An external application approach
  2. Using DSP.

Please let me know if these approaches are good enough, also what the details in architecting a dynamic UI

Thanking you in advance.


You may want to consider upgrading to webMethods BPM 7, which provides a Task Engine that dynamically distributes tasks to users.

The webMethods Designer enables you to build sophisticated dynamic UIs without writing any code.

Moreover, you’ll be able to track the manual portion of the process with this approach as opposed to having it “drop off”, as would be the case with an external application or a DSP.

Has any one tried building application with dynamic screens in portal.

Let us know the challenges in using portal for dynamic UI.