Dynamic pages

Hi there!
I have a page with a “dynamic area”, this area will be filled with different controls at runtime. A query to a DB retrieves number, type and properties of each control to render.
How can I do that in Application Composer?
Is it possible to modify a layout at runtime?

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Hi David,

Dynamically adding/modifying controls at runtime is not supported in Composer. Composer generates the XSD for the corresponding data structure at design time. When a page is loaded, the XSD is loaded and the data binding is done.
Technically with SDO it would be possible to add dynamic modifications to Composer. But, no, it is neither supported in the current version nor planned for the future.

Depending on your use-case, subpages may sometimes help to add some dynamic areas to pages.

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Thanks for this information. I didnt knew much about this earlier & i am glad to receive such more useful info. Keep continue such posts.