Dynamic screen area

Please see the attached screen with regards to the following question.

Our application has various screens, all of which share common “support function

With NJX 8.2 you can embed NATPAGEs as subpages dynamically, and communicate between the “common” and the “individual” area by means of context variables.

So the “support functions” would be a static page of its own, the “green area” would be a subpage with just its own layout.

Not particularly sure if it is a real good fit for scenarios like this, though.

I am currently involved in a project with the same challange, a “navigation” area and an individual area, what we have done is use templates when creating the pages (which means it isn’t dynamic and when the navigation area changes we’d have to change every single page using it) and the code handling the navigation is a combination of includes and subroutines.