dynamic select

Running into problems trying to create a generic select that i want to populate based upon a previous select.

I created an option group and then created a managed bean and add two data elements(type String that are lists and writeable) to that bean - itemvalue and itemlabel.

I associate the value of the optiongroup to the highest value of dynamiclist and it doesn’t show anything though the itemvalue and itemlabel are populated.

If i associate the label of optiongroup to dynamiclist.itemdesc then the list comes through but all appended to one line. Adding the association to the value of the option group of dynamiclist.itemvalue shows all the values in a list that I want - but i want it to show the itemLabel and when selected be able to pick the value. What am I doing wrong? thanks

Nevermind - figured it out - the managed bean needed a UISelectItem… added the paired values to that(value/label) and then created a group options provider off of that then tied that to the OptionsGroup to the select