Dynamic information in Extended Field

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I’m required to put in the additional information in Trading Network Console’s profile which required when delivery file to their Trading Partner; such as the sequent of the HTTP url in order to upload the file to the Trading Partner’s HTTP server. So, we will add this additional information as the Extended Field in Trading Network Console.
But the problem is this extended field cannot handle the dynamic information for different Trading Partner. Example, for Trading Partner A, in order to upload the file to their HTTP server, we required go through 3 sequent url . But for Trading Partner B, they can direct upload the file using single URL.
How did we handle this dynamic content since Trading Network Console didn’t provide the ARRAY data type (only have BINARY and STRING data type) in the Extended Field.

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One way to handle it is to have an extended field that contains the name of an XML config file. Then include the configuration in the config file.

Since TN cannot have array or hierarchical Extended fields you have to resort to something like this.

Or you could just put the XML config in the extended field. We’re doing this to hold EDI envelope information for multiple versions.

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Alternatively, you can create three extended fields, URL1, URL2, URL3. Populate all the extended fields for Partner A. For partner B, populate only URL1. Then, based on the availability of values in extended fields, develop a simple flow logic.