_duration=on Functionality for Sun Solaris


My customer tested the Tamino for Windows 2000. We used the functionality to display the time, which Tamino takes to answer for the demand.
It’s like _xql=…&_duration=on
Now, my customer has Sun Solaris and uses the Version, without the fixes.
The functionality is not working on this platform. Why this?
On Windows 2000, i have an information like:
<ino:time ino:date=“16.08.2001” ino:time=“20:01:57.461” ino:duration=“300” />
How can i enable this funtionality on Sun Solaris?

thanks for any help

Reto Peter

This is an undocumented feature and I guess Software AG would have the enable it in the Solaris version. I believe it was put it for useful timing during development of Tamino. A nice but undocumented and therefore unsupported feature - one that may disappear in some future patch level.

I would suggest talking to Software AG and see if they will implement it for the Solaris version and make it a formal (and very useful) feature.

For timing Tamino I would have a look at the web logs as these timing are more real because these give the round-trip time to process a query whereas the times from _duration are just the times inside the Tamino database.


But I’m really interested in the time that Tamino takes to answer on a demand, and not in the time that an HTTP Server takes to also handle the communication.