query time using interactive interface or xquery tool


i want ur much needed help to know how much time a query taken.

when i run some query using tamino ‘interactive interface’ or ‘xquery tools’ , how do how come to know that how much time that last query had taken.




You can append the _duration=on at the end of the http request and this will return a ino:time element containing the timestamp and duration (in ms). Fore more information check the documentation chapter “Requests using X-Machine Commands”.

Hope this helps.

hi i tried using _duration=on but it’s not showing any element like ino:time

it will be greate help is u send me how to works it with the database welcome_4_1_4 demo database provided by tamino.

i am providing following paramenter at interative interface

Database URL : http://localhost/tamino/welcome_4_1_4

Collection : RealEstate

Encoding : n/a
Analysis none

XQuery : for $p in input()/property
return $p

Pls help me out as i want to know how much time this particular query taken



i m still waiting to know query response time or last transation time

pls let me know with regards the welcome_4_1_4 provided by tamino
when we fire query using tool, Xquery or interative interface


Tamino v4.1.4 does not support the _duration=on parameter. Regardless the XQuery tool and the Interactive Interface do not provide an option to enable duration times to be returned. You own tool could utilize the _duration=on parameter to return query times.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: