duplicate universal name error while generating doctyypes based on schema

Hi All,

In our organisation, we use a bunch of common schemas and refer to those from various services. While creating connectors for those services, webMethods creates a doctype for all the referenced schemas.

If there is already one doctype created, although in a non-conflicting path, but still, due to the same universal name/schema namespace, we get the following error in the logs and warnings during connector generation:

[ISC.0081.0002E] Error registering universal name AddressSearchTypeRef#urn:xyz.n:services:testadminservice:v3, already registered to AuTest.Services.WebServices.Consumer.TestService.V4.TestService_.docTypes:AddressSearchType

What happens if we keep two doctypes with conflicting universal names? We have not seen any impact as such on the functionality though every time we start teh server, the log is filled with the above errors. Which functionalities will be affected by this? Where is the universal name used by Integration Server?

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil