Problem transforming xsd to tsd: name conflicts

Hi!! Here is my problem: my first assignment is to transform some valid XSD into TSD and validate the resulting Tamino Schemas in a database in order to use them to validate XML files. The XSD files I have to transform follow a hierarchy like this: SCL ^ | SCL_Substation,SCL_IED,SCL_Communication,SCL_DataTypeTemplates ^ | SCL_BaseTypes ^ | SCL_Enums ^ | SCL_BaseSimpleTypes i.e., SCL_Enums includes SCL_BaseSimpleTypes; Scl_BaseTypes includes SCL_Enums; SCL_Substation,SCL_IED,SCL_Communication and SCL_DataTypeTemplates all include SCL_BaseTypes and finally, SCL includes all SCL_Substation,SCL_IED,SCL_Communication and SCL_DataTypeTemplates. The include elements have a form like this:

In order to transform the schemas, I follow the “Best Transformation Practices” found in Tamino documentation: 1 .- I put all original schemas into one directory. Resulting TSDs will also go into this directory. 2.- Beginning from the innermost schema (SCL_BaseSimpleTypes) I add collection and schema to the original schemas. I also change each schemaLocation attribute in the import element to a local reference without file extension, i.e., to the path (including file name) where the schema is located in my hard drive. I only add doctype to the SCL schema. I’m not sure if this is correct. My first doubt is, must doctype have the same name as the root element of the SCL schema? 3.- I use Schema Editor to transform each schema (beginning has i said from the innermost one). To do so, i go to menu bar Tools/Transformation/All at once… and I follow the transformation steps. 4.- I save the resulting schema with the extension tsd. When all schemas are transformed, I validate de SCL.tsd TSD into a database and I get the following error: b name conflict with global declarations: complexType ‘tBaseElement’ in schema ‘esquemaSCL’ in collection ‘coleccionSCL’ with complexType ‘tBaseElement’ in schema ‘esquemaSCL’ in collection ‘coleccionSCL’ <INOXDE7931,INOXDE7508>[/b] In the tree view of the Schema I can see that all types in SCL_BaseTypes, SCL_Enums and SCL_BaseSimpleTypes are repeated four times, because of the structure of the hierarchy. How can I solve this problem? I suppose that deleting the repeated types should work, but this is quite laborious because of the amount of types. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi there!

Please remember that Tamino 4.2 is quite an old product now.

I suspect that you would be signifcantly better off with Tamino 4.4. Especially with the latest update kit. Tamino 4.4 had significant work for XML schema.

Thanks for your advise. Unfortunately we’re working with an old license and no updating is expected.


xs:include is supported since Tamino 4.2