Duplicate Error Messages From Extended Settings Values

Hi All,

We are currently experiencing a problem (more an annoyance than a problem) where from an “Exit Flow and Signal Failure” Step, 2 identical error messages are generated.

I’ve worked out that in the extended settings, one email is sent to each of the addresses that are set using the values below.


For us - both these values are set to the same address, hence the duplicate error message.

Do we really need both of these values set? or rather is there a way to only send “Exit Flow and Signal Failure” step messages to one of these values?

Thanks in Advance for your help,

The duplicate messages happen when a service throws an exception AND you have a catch block with the ‘Exit - Signal Failure’ step in it. Unless you are going to add useful information in the failure message, the Exit step (or the ‘failure’ signal) can be eliminated from the catch block, which will cut out one message. AFAIK, both messages are sent to the address stored in ‘watt.server.serviceMail’ for simple service errors (NPE’s, etc.) but there may be errors that can cause exceptions in IS itself that might cause notifications to go to the other address. The docs say that the errorMail address is used when IS encounters an “internal error”. HTH,