DUNS&Enterprise profile


can anybody tell that
1.Does DUNS contain only digits or it may contain alphanumerics?
2.In TN Console i am unable to create more than one Enterprise profile,but i am able to creat more than one partner profile.So is it true that we can’t create more than one Enterprise profile?

Thanks in Advance

Hi Rajesh,

We can not create more than one Enterprise profile.
Yes We can create more than one partner Profile

Thank u for ur response.Could u pls,tell me that Duns contains only digits or alphanumerics?

Typically it should be numeric (9chars max) always per EDI standards…But alphanumeric also allowed in XML and TN profile IDs.


Hi Rajesh,

Yes ,We can provide numeric(Max :9), Alphabets and Alphanumeric value for DUNS.