Dump files getting generated frequently with auto restart of IS

Hi experts,

Hope you all are doing good.

we are facing a wired issue in our environment. one of mediator instance(9.6 version) is getting restarted automatically by generating dump files.

Actions we performed to resolve:
-As SAG suggested we increased the java max and min from 1024 to 2048 in custom_wrapper.conf, but its not reflecting on IS page.
-Updated the java parameters in set_env.sh file(from 1024 to 2048), its reflecting on IS page.
-As per SAG recommendation we modified the ms to Xms and mx to Xmx. this has done before restart of IS, and after restarting custom wrapper file is set/modified back to earlier one.
-Still we are getting error after a restart " Could not deploy the Web service descriptor ". this will be resolved after reloading the respective package(Hoping any recommendation on same).

Please correct me if I am wrong in changing parameters.

Thanks for understanding.


Hi Ajay,

is the issue still there or not after changing the paramters?

You should try to find out why the IntegrationServer crashed and producing the dump.
The Wrapper detected this crash and automatically started a new instance of the IntegrationServer.

Check profile/IS/logs/wrapper.log as well as the server.log of the IntegrationServer for hints on the reason for the crash.


Can you share the complete error for “Could not deploy the Web service descriptor”

Did you check if packages dependency are set correctly ?(say for eg. doc can be in Pkg A and the WSD will be in Pkg B) for this case its a good practice to have the dependency set so that the dependent package gets loaded first.