Integration server is getting hung


Trying to understand the various scenarios when the IS getting hung.

  • heap dump is getting generated. Due to this file system getting filled. which leads to IS getting hung.

could someone share various cases of IS getting hung?

which version u r using …can u pls describe your error i can help you out …:slight_smile:


Please provide more info on why your IS getting hung from your logs I assume this is production?

What is the IS memory heap set to in the setenv.bat/sh file and the settings–>Resources min/max threads set to?


There are n number of reasons why IS hangs. Please check your IS logs to know why your IS is hanging.


Yes please do check the logs during that hung time and troubleshoot with kill -3 PID (if the IS is on Unix) to get core thread dumps and send it to SAG support if the issue still continues.


One guess: IS being hung + heap dump being generated could very likely indicate a memory issue. In other words, your IS is using all of the heap, causing Garbage Collection to desperately run to free up resources, giving the impression that the application is hung. At some point, GC may not be able to free up enough resources, which would generate an OutOfMemoryException and that can be the reason for your heap dump being generated.

As RMG suggested, check your min/max heap settings in the setenv.[bat|sh] file to see if they’re appropriate. Also, start monitoring memory consumption of the Integration Server. The IS Statistics page could be a place to start but I recommend hooking up visualVM to the JVM instead for a more in-depth analysis.

If memory turns out to be your problem, you then need to figure out why: do you simply not have enough resources allocated or is there a leak? But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.