DSP pages and Workflow

I have a workflow where the data is dynamic and I would like to read it directly from the database. I had logic coded in the task of the workflow that called an IS flow that stopped working when I moved to the QA server. When trying to solve why the PO detail stopped working I was told that I should try using DSP with workflow.

I am looking for anything that could get me stated. I have an IS flow that I need to pass a PO number to retrieve the PO detail. I have seen samples of DSP and that looks easy enough. Now I just have to find out how to get this code into my workflow HTML screen.

I think maybe you got some bad advice. If your application was running correctly in development and the only issue is that it will not run correctly in QA then why re-implement the presentation layer to solve the issue? I assume, that in WF, you called a flow service from the html page using the I.S component in WF. This is the correct way to implement your WF task. Sure you can write a DSP that runs the same service, but the UI is not where the problem is. To help better understand and debug why your application does not work in QA it might be helpful to turn on full debugging on the WF Servlet. This is easily accomplished by adding the following two JVM parameters to your runtime. If you are hosting the servlet inside Integration Server or in another environment the procedure is slightly different. However in general, wherever you turn on JVM parameters add the following properties;

-Dwm.zeus.log.trace=15 -Dwm.zeus.log.debug=15

The Workflow Servlet will write its diagnostic messages to the standard output. For tomcat this will usually be the catalina.out file or the terminal window if you are running in the foreground. For integration Server, you must run in the foreground by running the server.bat or server.sh startup at the command prompt.

Find the errors that are happening, correct the problem and test the application again.

There are a couple ways to use DSP inside a WF task, but this requires Javascript to function correctly and can usually be avoided.

If DSP/JSP is your goal, then use the Workflow Java Client API and code DSP/JSP to your hearts content. You can use this API as a Java Service inside of Integration Server if you wish, but again, this is not needed in most cases and the API is intended to be used inside an embedded system, such has a pre-existing thick or thin client that needs to become webMethods Workflow enabled.

hai all,

I have project to create crm application with IS used stand alone tomcat and java API. I want create page like custominbox use jsp and workflow java API, How to implement jsp for open the detail task and action to execute like in WmServlet.


Anyone has knowledge if we can use DSP tags in workflow task?