DSP page to write into a file.

How to write into a file (say app.props ) from a DSP page?

Hi Pragati,

You can create a IS service to write to a file … May be use “pub.file:stringToFile” inside created service
Then you can have a DSP page to invoke the service as

Sample :


1.:Create a app.props inside a directory . Ex C:/app.props
2.:Update allowedWritePaths value with C:/app.props in
3.Reload wmpublic package in IS
4.Access the dsp page .

You can find the attached fileAccessControl.cnf and sample package


attachment.zip (4.55 KB)

Thanks a lot for the reply.

Now My second question would be:

I’m trying to create a DSP page with a service which has two inputs Input 1 and Input 2. Now I want to pass the values to my service with the help of the dsp page. (I dont mind sending hardcoded values from DSP, i.e values are hardcoded in dsp page )

ie. Input1 and Input2 will get the values from the dsp page and this needs to act as an input to the service.

How can one do this?

could you please paste the dsp code here.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

This tutorial is helpful for your requirement