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Can somebody help me in getting the answer for the following question:
I need to invoke a FLOW service passing a single input value , how do I pass this variable from dsp page to the service I invoke ?

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See page 53 of the “Dynamic Server Pages and Output Templates Developer’s Guide Version 6.1”.

The most common methods are to pass in the value on the URL in the form of “?name=value” or to use an HTML form.



I am planning to write a DSP which reads config details from a CNF file.Any ideas how to do it? Is there any documentation or Sample on DSP’s using a CNF file to read properties.


Alternative way is code a java/flow service that reads properties from any cnf file and invoke this service in DSP with passing necessary input parameters and extract the result output and show it in dsp page.


Is there any sample code available?

What code are you looking for to read property file?


DSP is meant for input/output of data… as RMG suggested, you will need a service to read the config file and display it using a DSP. Since its a config file you are interested in reading, I presume that its location would be static - You can create a flow service with ‘configString’ as ouput. In this flow make a call to pub.file:getFile (you may hardcode the filename here - based on assumption), then use bytesToString service to convert the bytes from getFile into a string - map this string to output ‘configString’.

Create a dsp, that invokes your flow service and displays the output ‘configString’.

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