DSP, %invoke% and e-mail


We use DSP to build HTML e-mail with “dynamic” data. It permits for example to build powerfull e-mail report in HTML for alarms and alerts with specific data linked to alarm/alert.

I see in documentation the %invoke% tag and I would like to extend the solution by adding buttons in HTML e-mail. When clicking on buttons (on e-mail so with using DSP), the user can invoke IS service and pass specific data on parameters (Inputs of the IS Service).

I don’t know exaclty how to process. I see the code example in DSP paper

%invoke orders:getShipInfo%
Order: %value /oNum%<br>
Date Shipped: %value shipDate%<br>
Carrier: %value carrier% %value serviceLevel%

But I would like to know if I can assign %invoke% to a button, and how :slight_smile:

Thanks for your contribution :slight_smile:

HTML forms and buttons do not work like buttons in Rich Client apps. You need to link the HTML form which contains the button to a new dsp, pass parameters you need to it and invoke the service from within this dsp. Some dsp’s used in the IS frontend even call themselfs and the decission to invoek a servcie is done by a parameter.

Thanks for your reply,

I’ll try to find a way so :slight_smile:
I’m trying to see if it’s possible to validate a task direcly in task e-mail.