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SAG 10.7

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Hi All,

I have a DSP and I am trying to save the changes to the database. On the DSP, I have a modal where you can update your contact details. I am using this action to submit the form:

Though it will go to another page. Is there a way to invoke a service in the Output Template TestFolder.sample.testOnly:update_contacts flowservice without redirecting to another page? Or an option to hide the form.

Thank you.

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.


You have two choices

  1. javascript - don’t use a submit button, but instead a generic button with an onClick action to a jascript function. The function would then instead perform a form submit so that browser doesn’t redirect. Your javascript can then decided to hide the div containing the form, redirect to another page, popup and alert, what ever you want.
  2. dsp - Set the form action to the dsp page itself. Then include an %invoke% step embedded in a dsp branch. The branch should test for the existence of one of the submitted form values. So your service will get called as part of refreshing the existing page without ever leaving it.


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