Download of big files using SFTP VFS setup is not working


I’m new in this forum and I try to submit my problem here. Probably I found the solution. I will try to explain what is the issue.
We have three servers and the central one is the file repository. The side servers to which clients are connected are pointing to the repository server using SFTP connection.

From any clients I cannot retrieve any big file from the repository because the traffic rate goes down immediately and, at most, I’m able to download 75 MB. Trying with WinSCP client I’m also able to finish a big file download but I have to reconnect the WinSCP client several times taking bunches of 75 MBytes each time up to the completion.

Could anyone help me with this issue? It seems somewhere we have to set a buffer…

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


Hi Paolo,

which wM Version are you on?

Are all servers in same network or not?

Eventually you can evaluate ActiveTransfer to achieve your goal.



thanks on answering.

The servers are in the same network and I’m working with version 9.8.