Download image from the YAI 10.3 fix 6

Hi All,

I need your help to download an image from the 10.3 fix 6, in order to be able to apply it on the Servers as this is critical to s as it resolves the login Issue with HTTPS on 10.3

• Downloading it on the server – No internet access
• Creating the image from the server – image downloaded not woking

It is the first time to create image for fix or download fix on 10.3

Hi Mohamad,

please download the UpdateManager-Installer from Empower DownloadCenter and install it on a machine which has Internet access.

After Installation move the installer and the created image to the box which hosts the instance for which the fix is needed.
Run the installer there again refering to the image as source.


Hi Mohamed,

To download fix from fix repository, Please use below command in the SUM installation directory:

UpdateManagerGUI.bat -sumServer –server -createImage C:\

Please select fixes from repository, It will create images in C:\