This is a follow up question to a reply I posted to the previous message in this discussion.

I tried to run XRepair on my database for a specific container that exists in my database named Hospital. Below is the input and the result:

C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino\Tamino WebDav Server 2.3.1\bin>XRepair -url
http://localhost/taminowebdavserver/” -store “Hospital” - enableOnly
Repairer starts with url = http://localhost/taminowebdavserver/, checkOnly = fal
TAMWDAVREP: No store configured in Domain.xml .

What does this mean?

I looked at Tamino Manager and could see no direct access to Domain.xml?


I understand what is happening here.

I will explain what happened for the benifit of those who may make the same mistake that I did.

When using WebDAV, the tool XConfig must be used explicitly to add any previously created containers in the database. Use XConfig and create a store for any stores that are not there.

After that I was able to use XRepair and update the “Hospital” Collection.