Are there any problems with the DOM API Active X
I somehow tend to loose my session


Which version of the ActiveX control do you have? Do Properties->Version in Explorer. How long do you attempt to keep the session for? I’m not aware of such a problem in the ActiveX control.

I’m using the ActiveX control for Tamino 2.3.1 and Explore 5… I try to keep the session open until no more messages…
It seems to post a few messages then none…
Sometime the session can’t start…

You may have report this as a problem with code to reproduce the problem. There isn’t much info to attempt to deduce the cause of the problem.

I am also losing the session in the ActiveX object. It seems to me to be a timing problem as sometimes it disappears during my transaction and sometimes it doesn’t. The odds of it disappearing increase if I am stepping through the debugger. The app I have is fairly simple (get connection, start transaction, query, commit), but it is a C# .NET app and I am not sure exactly what the COM interop is doing underneath.

There is a transaction timeout in the DB. I think the default value is 300 secs. Details such as the version of the DB + ActiveX control will help. However, I’m not aware of any such problems. But then again I haven’t tried long running apps.

We’re using the default 300 second timeout, but the session ID is disappearing within seconds. I would agree, however, that what I am seeing would be similar to what would happen if a timeout was occurring.

The database version is and the “product version” of the tamino.ocx file is