Tamino Session


I evaluate TAMINO with the XML starter KIT.

Is there any posibility to close an open session, when I don’t know session id and session key?

Till now I know that starting and stoping Tamino Database will close all sessions (rollback posible).
Do you know any other way to close all opened sessions?

Artur Lange


see the parameter “Maximum Transaction Duration” in the System Management Hub (Tamino Manager) under


Any session exceeding this value will be aborted. Transactions which were not committed will be rolled back.

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I knew that tamino has this option but it looks that it’s not working with Tamino Starter Kit.

So is it working with Tamino Starter Kit or not?

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what indicates that termination of sessions after the time given by the parameter “maximum session duration” does not work with XML Starter Kit?

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So the easiest way to check it is to use your web browser (I have MSIE 5.5),(easy to check also using Java API)

I’m oppening session like this:

And everything is ok, I’m reciving session id and session key. The first session is opend!

I can open 4 session (due to licence it’s ok, doesn’t metter what is in “database working threads” in “Managment_HUB//Tamino/my_database/Properties/Server”)

So when trying to open one more session (previous 4 are still opened) I’m reciving something like that:

<ino:message ino:returnvalue=“8555”>
<ino:messagetext ino:code=“INOXME8555”>
Invalid session ID

What it’s also due to licence.

I’m waitting as much time as is defined in “maximum transaction duration” and “non-activity timeout” (this is the main parameter witch is interesting me) but after this time nothing happend I still can’t open new session!!! I have to close at least one of old session to start new session.

So do you have any idea what is going on, where I’m wrong?

Thank’s for reading :wink: