Session processing

I am trying to process a transaction and get an error INOXHE8285 on the COMMIT.
My processing sequence is:
a) _connect
b) _process
c) _commit
d) _disconnect
After the connect, I use the sessionid and sessionkey from the previous request in each subsequent request.
I am using the REQUEST DOCUMENT statement in Natural 5 and my Collection is NATSXSDemoData from library SYSEXSXS.
I am on Tamino
Can somebody please tell me what is wrong?


please check your tamino property “non-activity-timeout”. the error INOXHE8285 you were mentioning indicates that within a session no activity occured for more than a designated amount of time. thus, the tamino server assumed that the client passed away for some reason, and invalidated the existing session.

andreas f.

Thankyou for this hint. I decided to stop my database and start it again and voila! It now works. I think I had some sessions lurking from when I was processing each command seperately. Now they are all in one program, and it works perfectly.