Doing mapping directly in Designer


Typically on most projects and as part of design, a mapping excel spreadsheet or table is used to define the mapping between a source and target schema / data format. This is then essentially implemented in webMethods designer.

Is there a way to implement directly in designer and then export the mapping in order to generate the documentation (perhaps in XML / XSLT / HTML).

The aim is to improve productivity by removing the need to do a mapping sheet / definition external to the main development too.

I’d appreciate any ideas, experiences or suggestions.


Select the flow service and do a right click. You will find an option “View as HTML” or “Generate HTML” it will show you the service level comments, inputs and outputs, mapping from input to outputs including the transformers.

And also there is a package WxDoc which is not included as part of SAG webMethods product suite. You can contact SAG GCS team to know more about this package. But note there is a cost involved.

If you read the flow.xml on your IS file system you can build a utility service to parse this file and generate the file of your format.

Let me know if you have any questions.


during our migration from HP-UX to Solaris and subsequently from wM 7.1.x to wM 9.5 SP1 we have updated or newly created our Mapping Sheets against the real implementation.

This was very time intensive work for several people for several months as the mapping for one part is sometimes sperad across 3 or more flow services to make it somehow readable in Developer/Designer as some of our mappings are really complex stuff due to the size of document structures being involved.

Good Luck.